Finger Lakes February 2020 Meeting

Finger Lakes February 2020 Meeting

The Finger Lakes Professional Photographers will hold a Monthly Meeting on Wednesday, February 19, 2020 at Woody’s Bar and Grille, in the Quality Inn, Rt. 414, Waterloo, NY.
Business Meeting starts at 3:30PM

$5.00 for each member will be collected at the door and will go toward our raffle. Non member charge is $35.
••First time guests attend for free••. All Photographers are welcome!

DINNER will follow our Program. Please plan to stay and support the restaurant. We are guests in their meeting room at NO CHARGE!

“TURNING YOUR PHOTOS INTO ART” presented by Monroe Payne

I saw the look on some faces when I said I’d be speaking on turning your photos into art.
Just who the blip am I to talk about “art” in front of a room full of people I consider excellent artists?
The short answer is that I have sold some pieces, and if I can share some of my experiences to help you do the same, the time will be well spent.
“Art”, to my way of thinking, is to share a feeling and a story with the viewer. Some creations have a pretty clear story, and some others draw you in, begging you to write your own story within that piece of art.
And almost ALL art involves a touch of the artist’s soul woven within the creation.
In any case, most art is about the emotional reaction of the viewer to that piece. To elicit that reaction, mix in elements of your feelings, a healthy dose of imagination and a bit of talent. A sense of humor can help as well.
I’ll share a bit of philosophy, my hit and miss method of image selection, some recipes to play with and places I draw my inspiration from.

There is nothing new under the sun – except the way we combine those things under the sun, and create our own personal mixture, our interpretation – our own “Art”.

Students piling in to Collegetown Bagels during a rainstorm.
One of a thousand friendly alleys in Catania, Sicily


MARCH 15 – PPSNYS Annual Meeting for the General Membership – Quality Inn, Binghamton, NY

*NEW DATE – MARCH 25 – Finger Lakes Monthly Meeting – Program by Caleb Williams from Heritage Portrait Studio in Wellsboro, PA – Woody’s, Waterloo, NY
APRIL 15 – Finger Lakes Monthly Meeting – Organizational meeting to prepare for Lindsay Adler’s April 19th visit. – Woody’s, Waterloo, NY
APRIL 19 Finger Lakes Special Event with Lindsay Adler
MAY 20 – Finger Lakes Monthly Meeting – TBD
JUNE 17 – Finger Lakes Monthly Meeting – Fairview Stables Photo Outing to photograph animals, buildings and landscapes.
SEPTEMBERFinger Lakes Special Event with Bruce Berg from Oregon

The Finger Lakes Professional Photographers’ Society of New York, Inc. is an affiliate of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA).

The PPSNYS, Inc. is a not for profit association formed in 1905 solely to instruct its members and the general public in photography; and to create, foster, promote and encourage the exchange of information among its members and the public.

The PPA is a worldwide association that exists to assist its members in achieving their professional, artistic and fraternal goals; promote public awareness of the profession; and to advance the making of images in all of its disciplines as an art, a science and a visual recorder of history.

Sponsors - Hunt's Photo and Video
Howard Burkholz

February 2017 Meeting

February 2017 Meeting

The Finger Lakes Section of PPSNYS, Inc. will hold its February 2017 meeting on Wednesday, February 15, 2017 at Ablgail’s Restaurant, 1978 Routes 5&20, Waterloo, NY

Business Meeting starts at 2:00PM with a Program at 3:00PM

A $5.00 charge for each member will be collected at the door (this includes ANY PPSNYS member). Non member charge is $35. All Photographers are welcome!
••First time guests attend for free••.
Dinner from the menu will follow the program.

This month 3 Members of Finger Lakes will share their expertise by setting up demonstration work stations in the following areas:
• Monroe Payne will show his workflow in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.
• Elisa Knataitis will show how she does blemish retouching, glass glare removal and sky enhancements in Adobe Photoshop.
• Brent Walton will be showing his workflow in Corel Painter 2017.

Feel free to bring your laptop and try out some of the techniques you’ll be seeing.
If you’re working on images for IPC and would like critique, bring them as well.


MARCH 1:  Deadline to send in 2016 Service Point Forms.  Degree Forms are also due. *See PDF attachment 
March 15: Herb Jones will be showing a presentation of National Parks images. 
March 31 - April 2: FOCUS NY in Buffalo, NY *Schedule is attached  Register TODAY! 
April Meeting:  George Jweild - program description TBD
May Meeting: Photo safari in Seneca Falls, perhaps affiliated with the Women's Rights Museum. Alternative would be park setting for portrait photography in Seneca Falls. 
June Meeting: Jim Hartsen, RIT graduate, street shooter and artist will make a presentation of images from his Cuba trips.
July is Workshop! Register before April 15 to receive the $100 discount.

New Officers

copyright 2017 Honey DeLapa

2017-2018 Officers: Right to Left
D. Brent Walton, Section Chair
Al Knataitis, First Vice President
Monroe Payne, Second Vice President
Neil Sjoblom, Secretary
Ameka Cooper, Treasurer (missing from photograph)

copyright 2017 Honey DeLapa

Pat Luke, PPSNYS President, Swears in Our New Officers

Welcome President Walton

Welcome President Walton

A warm welcome to President Walton, our new FLPP President.  Sworn in last night by PPSNYS President Pat Luke were:

  • D. Brent Walton, president
  • Al Knataitis, 1st VP
  • Monroe Payne, 2nd VP
  • Neil Sjoblom, Secretary
  • Ameka Cooper, Treasurer


After Pat Luke provided a State of PPSNYS address, Brent provided insight to his emphasis for the year.  He gave a review of the PPA and PPSNYS degrees, service awards and certifications.

Education is our main charter.  We exist to educate photographers in all aspects of the business.  This doesn’t necessarily mean we provide training specifically in photography, but our training can also cover things like insurance, taxes, and other aspects of running a photography studio.


Al Knataitis reviewed upcoming programs for 2017.  He also asked for input on what people want to see.

He announced we have no program for February, but that was short lived.  In February we will have several stations set up where people can stop and learn about specific aspects of retouching and other photographic software.  (We’re looking for volunteers to bring their laptop and operate a station.)

As some ideas were discussed, it was brought up that we are not here to cater to the “camera club” photographers.    Going back to Brent’s comments earlier in the meeting, our charter is educating professional or aspiring professional photographers.


  • We have an annual full-ride scholarship to PPSNYS Workshop, as well as a 1/2 scholarship and $250 scholarship.  You earn points towards these scholarships by attending the monthly meeting, submitting images to image critique/competition at those meetings, and bringing new members in to the organization.
  • Convention early-bird deadline is coming up – Register by 1/31/2017 to receive the early-bird discount.
  • Watch for PPSNYS Service Award points announcement.  These are typically due at the end of February.