FLPPSNY Constitution

Constitution of the Finger Lakes Section

The object and purpose of this organization shall be to raise the standards of photography both professionally and ethically and to better the economic condition of the professional photographer; to create, foster, promote and maintain cordial relations and encourage the exchange of knowledge among its members.

The membership shall consist of such persons as are members of PPSNY or state society of their state of residence, and who upon application are accepted. A unanimous vote is required for acceptance; a ballot vote is required if requested.

25% of the membership must be present to constitute a quorum. Membership shall consist of Active, Aspiring, Honorary, Life and Out of State.

All Active, Aspiring and Life members are required to belong to both the Section and PPSNYS.

Section delegates to Executive Council shall be Section Chairman and :

For 15 or more active members – 1 delegate

For 25 or more active members – 2 delegates

For 35 or more active members – 3 delegates

for each additional 20 active members – 1 delegate

We must supply the Secretary of PPSNYS a list of Chairman and delegates prior to the first session of the Annual Meeting and again on the first day of the month before the second Council Meeting.

Finger Lakes Section

Our section is like the link of a chain – a chain with 10 links (sections) symbolizing the Professional Photographers’ Society of New York State. An organization is no stronger than its links and without these links, you would not have a state society. PPSNYS depends upon us for membership, activities and survival. This has many advantages to us as professional photographers, as it is our main source of programs. Without PPSNYS, there would be no Workshop, which has developed into an outstanding school, particularly for us, as it is located in the center of our section.If we are going to be successful and profitable in our business, education is the key. The annual convention with the Trade Show offering the latest equipment and a Print Competiton to help increase the quality of our work, both add to our education.

Finger Lakes meets on the third Wednesday of each month, except for dates when there are conflicts with the State Conference or PPSNYS Workshop. Each meeting features and educational program such as Outdoor Portraits, Portrait Lighting, Wedding Photographs, Sales, etc. – all designed for the types of Studios in this area.

Finger Lakes Scholarships

$100 scholarships for the PPSNYS Workshop will be awarded to FL members based on attendance at regular section meeting, the picnic, PPSNYS Conference, Executive Council meetings, TEPs and any additional official FL meetings. To qualify, a member must be in attendance at seven of the above during the year, 1/1 – 12/31, have an early Workshop Registration, and be a FL member for the two years involved.

For first year members who have not been able to attain sufficient attendance credits, each photographer will be assessed individually by a committee of the officers and will be considered for scholarship on a basis of need.

Members who qualify, but are unable to attend Workshop, have the privilege of passing their scholarship to their employee or spouse who works in their Studio; otherwise, the scholarship will revert to the section to be issued to another qualifying member.

Officers Duties

Section Chair (must be PPA member) — ( 2 year term )

1. Preside at meetings

2. Appoint all committees except nominating committee as soon as possible after

elected and sit in on committee meetings.

3. Attend PPSNYS Executive Council Meetings and Report back to section or

designate a proxy.

4. Responsible for making reservations for meetings.

5. Responsible for all other officers performing duties on time.

6. With other officers, set schedule for year’s events for member approval, as

soon as possible, and have it published in Newsletter.

First VP — (2 year term)

1. Preside in absence of chair

2. Program Chairman

a. Responsible for all programs; negotiate fees. Don’t forget the large value

of a PPA Merit. Try for a meal and merit only; then offer $25 for travel, go to

$50 as a last resort and they buy the meal. Try to find Speakers sponsored by

Companies who pay their fee.

b. Request and present PPA Merits

c. Introduce speakers

d. Prior to program, inform Treasurer of speaker’s fee

3. Sit in on all committees

Second VP — (2 year term)

1. Work with the Membership Chairman.

2. Keep supply of Membership Applications and have them available at meetings.

3. Greet and introduce new and prospective members at meetings.

4. Develop a potential new member list from phone books, TEP attendance, other

members, internet listings and PPA National Directory.

5. Member of TEP Committee and responsible for Membership Drive at TEP.

Treasurer — (Permanent – subject to yearly approval)

1. Receive dues – deposit same and remit state dues to PPSNY Business Service.

2. Pay approved bills

3. Treasurer’s report at each meeting

4. Have checks available at each meeting.

5. Have books ready for audit as required

6. PPA Contact Person – list of members and affiliate forms

7. Send to PPSNY a list of new section officers and delegates prior to first session of annual meeting

8. Reassess membership again on the first day of the month before the second council meeting for additional delegates and notify PPSNY Business Service.

9. Provide current paid membership list annually.

Secretary — (Permanent – subject to yearly approval)

1. Take minutes and give last meeting report.

2. Letters and correspondence as directed

3. Send monthly reports to PPSNYS newsletter re: Section News, TEP, Special

events, etc.

4. Check other newsletters for educational articles

5. Keep attendance for the year (Jan – Dec) for scholarship purposes.

Delegates — (appointed yearly)

1. Attend PPSNY Executive Council meetings, or delegate a proxy, vote as

section requests and report to section.


( to be appointed yearly, no later than the first meeting following Convention )

Executive Council – shall consist of the Officers and 2 selected Past Section


Shall follow rules set up for Executive Council

Shall appoint the nominating committee.

Nominating Committee – To be appointed by the Executive Council and shall

consist of 3 Life or Retired Members.

Responsible for the Slate of Officers to be voted upon by the December Meeting.

Replace any vacancies that may occur.

Membership Committee –

Actively solicit new members.

Work with 2nd Vice on recruitment

Fund Raising Chair

Hold raffle at each meeting to raise money for scholarships.

Have supply of tickets available at all meetings

Secure donated merchandise from suppliers to use as raffle prizes.

Picnic Committee – ( Hospitality )

Arrange date and location; make reservations early

Plan menu an assign what to bring; organize program if needed

Keep name tags current and bring to each meeting. Welcome members and make sure they wear name tags.

If members decide to hold Christmas Party , arrange date, location and


Print Judging Committee

Plan for suitable location at each meeting.

Collect prints, present plaque, select judges (use speaker if possible, store plaques.

Notify newsletter editor in writing of plaque winner.

TEP Committee – A Chair, 2nd Vice and Chair’s Selection. *For duties, refer to TEP rules.

Newsletter Editor

Publish a monthly Finger Lakes Newsletter and include:

Minutes of last meeting

Next meeting notice – date, time, place speaker and subject

List of future meetings, Convention, Workshop, etc.

Each issue should include list of Officers, Ec. Council, Committee Chairs,

Delegates to state, and articles of interest.

Encourage members to write articles and browse other newsletters for


Suggestions: the results of print competition, personal items, a member’s

biography, Convention news, summary of Council delegates’ report.

*TEP Guidelines

The purpose of the Talent Exchange Program (TEP) is to increase our membership, educate our members, promote the PPSNY Conference, and show a profit so that we can maintain our low dues and continue to subsidize ( with scholarships) our members attending PPSNY Workshop. It is not designed for the benefit of other sections, although they are welcome. Instead of mailing brochures to other sections individually, ask to have a member of adjacent section distribute our brochure at their next meeting. Likewise it is not suggested that we have bulk distribution of brochures at Conventions, Council meetings, etc., but have them available to interested people.

It is required that the TEP Chair of committee get approval from the Section membership for all fees and major expenses to be incurred, such as Talent, Judges, Meals, Printed Material, etc. before making definite commitments.

TEP Trade Show

1 – Send letters to prospective suppliers offering a vendor trade show spot and their name on a certificate for print competition.

2 – Follow up with phone call one week later.

3 – Ask for $50.00 donation and their name to appear on a certificate.

4- If they decline the $50, ask for a merchandise donation for the raffle.

5 – Bill companies who have accepted and send list of companies, names and addresses to Treasurer.

6- Have checks sent to the person doing the billing

7- If not paid in 30 days, send second bill and continue rebilling monthly until paid.

8- Use computer designed certificates for awards in place of trophies.

9 – Forward checks to FL Treasurer occasionally.

10 – Coordinate with member making certificates.

TEP Fund-Raising

1- Suture suppliers donations for Raffle.

2-Sell raffle tickets. Suggestion ..$1.00 for one ticket, 10 for $5.00

3- Have plenty of tickets available.

4- Be sure to get sufficient donations to have several winners.

5- Draw raffle tickets at dinner.

TEP Print Competition

1- Supply print rules to the maker of the brochure.

2- Establish fee for entering prints.

3- Plan display area for prints after judging.

4- Supply eased and lights (if necessary). Have a member make corners and


5- Check in prints and if not paid in advance, collect payment.

6- Select judges (keep cost down) and use speakers and FL member. Two judges are sufficient.

7- After judging, sort winners and print winners names on certificate for


TEP Program

1- Expensive speakers are not necessary just because it is a TEP. If possible, have on FL member and one outside speaker.

2 – FL member receives only dinner. Outside member we should obtain for no more than $50 plus dinner, plus their merit, or secure a sponsored speaker.

3- Have props available, as requested by speakers.

4- Be a host to the speakers and introduce their programs (or designate someone )

TEP Procedures

1– Incoming Section Chair (as soon as selected) will appoint TEP Chair who will then select a committee.

2 – TEP Committee select a date and confirm with PPSNY TEP Chair. Avoid

Executive Council dates, weekends and try to keep it on our regular meeting date for best attendance.

3– Select a location. Check prices for meal, coffee break and room charge. Be careful of guarantees. Start with a lower number as you can easily increase and not have to pay for a larger number than attend. On your final count make it 5% less.

4– Because of the meal count, registration forms and money should be sent to the person above which allows him to make late adjustments in the guarantees.

The chair must handle registration at the TEP, having a complete list of

registrants those who are entering prints, and who has paid. There will

undoubtedly be late call, so people will be coming who have not paid and they must be added to the meal count and pay at the door. Checks and registration forms should occasionally be sent to FL Treasurer so they can be cashed promptly.

5– Establish a registration fee, print price and supplier donation request.

Keep the registration price low – we have made more money and had better

attendance with $20 – $25 than with $40 or more. Retired members, spouses and employees of attending members should attend at a reduced price that is slightly above cost. a $5.00 additional charge may be applied to late registrations.

Registration date should be approximately 5 days before TEP.

6– A brochure must include: PPSNY and PPA Seals (or no $200 form the state),

Section Name (Finger Lakes Section of the Professional Photographers Society of New York State), TEP date, time, location (with directions), speakers names and profiles, program titles and content, print rules and entry fee, early registration

date and fees. Registration form should include: Name, Address, Phone #,

Section, PPA or non-member, guest names (spouse, employee, friend), total

enclosed and send to: assigned committee member address.

Brochures should be sent to FL Members and prospects at least twice. A cover

letter with section information encouraging attendance at the TEP and an

invitation to join our section should be included with the non-member mailing.

This cover letter should include benefits of joining , a PPSNYS brochure and

information about the Finger Lakes Section.

We have members capable of making a brochure on their computer, at no charge

to the section. Request their help as some have fast laser printers that can print for

less than copying.


PPSNY Workshop (PPA Approved) Annual Convention

Talent Exchange Program Ten Local Sections

Monthly Local Meetings Masters Consultation Service

National Affiliate Print Competition Local Print Competition

Wedding Album Competition State Website

State and Local Newsletters


Membership Certificate Online Membership Directory

Service Awards PPSNY Logo

Membership Decal Finger Lakes Logo

Listing on PPSNY Web site Listing on Finger Lakes Website


Condensed from Robert’s Rules 1990

Some officers have expressed a desire to know more about running a business meeting. Since we

have a problem in that most of our meetings last too long., hopefully this agenda will keep it

simple with the help of Roberts Rules. Here is what he says that may be helpful.

Our business meeting will run more smoothly if everyone is familiar with these excerpts from

Robert’s Rules:

1. The President should open the meeting on time by saying

“The meeting is called to order”.

2. This is the time for the president to make any opening remarks.

Hereafter he is not to be involved in any discussions.

3 Call for approval of minutes.

4. Call for committee and officer reports.

5. Call for reports of any special committees.

6. Call for any old business.

7. Call for any new business.

8. Call for next meeting day, time and place.

9. Good of the order

10. Adjournment.

• The presiding officer should not enter into discussion of the merits of pending questions unless

it is felt that a crucial factor relating to such question has been overlooked, and that his obligation

as a member to call attention to the point outweighs his duty to preside at the time. To

participate in such debate, he must relinquish the chair. In such a case, he should turn the chair

over to the VP. The presiding officer who relinquished the chair, should not return to it, until

there has been a disposition of the pending main question.

•The chair cannot interrupt a person who has the floor as long as no disorder arises. The chair

must never interrupt

a speaker simply because he knows more about the matter than the speaker.

The chair, before calling for a vote, should make sure that the members understand the effect of

an “aye” vote or a “no” vote.

• In debate on a motion, each member has the right to speak twice on the same question on the

same day, but cannot make the second speech on the same question as long as any member who

has not spoken on that question desires the floor. When a motion is in debate on the floor, an

amendment may be made. If the amendment is seconded, the debate on the motion stops and

debate on the amendment commences. At the conclusion of the amendment debate, a vote on the

amendment is take. If it passes, you then vote on the amended motion.

For complete information, a copy of Robert’s Rules can be purchased at any bookstore or found




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