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November 2018 Meeting

November 2018 Meeting

The November 2018 Meeting of the Finger Lakes Section of PPSNYS, Inc. is a very special meeting in November. On Wednesday, November 14, 2018, at 7:00 PM we are hosting Brad Van Auken for a presentation on Brand Management
and Marketing. This program is free to everyone and is suitable for any industry, not just photography and will be held at Woody’s Bar and Grill, Route 414, Waterloo, NY.

We would like to include any groups, clubs, and organizations that might be interested in hearing this great program. Please consider printing and posting the enclosed flyer in your public library or other public space and send it on by email to anyone who might be interested. If you belong to a company, group or organization that you think would benefit from attending this program, please feel free to invite them. All we need is the number of people who would like to attend. RSVP to Al Knataitis –

Finger Lakes will meet at 4:00 PM for our Business Meeting. This meeting we elect new officers. The nominating committee consists of those who attended our last meeting. Contact Honey DeLapa to nominate someone.  She will pass your nominations to the committee. Nominations from the floor on November 14th are also considered. We will proceed to vote after nominations are closed.

Positions are as follows:

Section Chair, 1st. Vice President, 2nd. Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer

Our Finger Lakes Constitution and Handbook are long overdue for an update! Attached is a copy for you to read over. It has the current description of the Officer Duties. Most of the official duties and procedures have changed over the years and your input is necessary to begin the discussion.

Upcoming Meetings:

November 14 – 4:00 – Woody’s Bar and Grill, Business Meeting and Vote for 2019 Officers
December 12 – 4:30 Holiday Party at Woody’s